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posted: 11/14/05

Bronzed Beauty

Daisy's Blog Entries on Velenah

New Model - Velenah - Bronzed Goddess

I couldn’t be more pleased than to introduce today’s model. Her name is Velenah, and she is super special. Not only is she one of the youngest models on the site, she’s also the nicest and most innocent (and I’m quite sure it’s ALL genuine). We had a hard time convincing Velenah to take off her top for us, since she is so pure and sweet, but she finally relented, and so, here she is. Our cocoa goddess with the fresh perky bod.

A model like Velenah only comes around now and then. Sure, she’s super model gorgeous. But she’s also the kind of girl you’d love to introduce to your peeps. She has big aspirations as a model, but you also get the sense she’d be cool just working at the clothing store and hanging out on the beach. Bottom line, Velenah is a super chill babe, and damn gorgeous on top of it. Enjoy her!

New Photo Set - Velenah - Magic Hour

The photos in this series were shot in the hills just north of LA. Hundreds of movies have been filmed here, so the place has a strange deja vu to the eye. You're like, have I see something there before? Something with Jack Nicholson in it? It's those classic California hills where car chases and late night romances seem right around the corner.

But on, it's Velenah, at 7 am, taking off her top, showing us her adorable little milk buds, shy and vulnerable and nervous as ever. This girl is so sweet and innocent, you can feel her growing up as she drops her bra. And the way the mountain morning light bounces off her cocoa skin, you feel your eyes making love to her glowing form. A true classic American beauty, perfectly captured at dawn. What could be better?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Velenah - Morning Wood

Velenah is like a statue in the sun. The light in these photos is so brilliant, and she is such a shimmering super star, and as her deep dark skin becomes revealed against the bright blue car, the rich green trees, and the white of her bra, the erotic energies in the photos become totally arousing. And you have to admit, Velenah has some of the finest little titty buds on the site.

What I like about this set is the fantasy involved. It's SO California. Like you feel you've seen a movie take place right in the same place the photos were shot. And there's Velenah, a sexy black woman, pulling off her shirt and letting nature take her in. It's the perfect date - hot car, sweet spot, and a totally awesome babe showing her secrets. Enjoy!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Velenah - Totally Blue

This has to be one of my most fave photo sets. It's Velenah, in her bright blue charger, and she's practically having an orgasm right there in the front seat. This girl is SO way into posing, you can smell her excitement thru the screen.

Photo for photo, this is one of the most intimate sets we have on the site. You feel like you're right there up on Velenah as she strips down in the's like your first date, lights are low, maybe it's the drive-in, and your girl is ready steady dude!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Velenah - Mystic Vision

In this series we give you some shots of Velenah and her incredible blue car. But these aren't just ANY shots. They were taken in the green California hills north of LA early in the morning...what photographers call the magic hour...and the glowing light is simply astounding. Velenah has never looked better.

Velenah, like Kitana Baker and Tila Nguyen, is quite the web diva of can find her images in quite a few places, but I will say - they all suck and our shots of her are incredible! Plus, we're the only place where you can see her take off her top in a video. Score!!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Velenah - Easy Going Girl

I love this set of photos...they feature Velenah in her bright blue car, taking off her top, looking like a cowgirl, and playing the model babe just getting her start...because we are the first site to feature this incredibly gorgeous and delightul young she's got that "new model energy" that is such a turn on.

A few looks at this set and you are ready to hit the open road with Velenah, as long as you save time to make ample stops in some NoTell Motels along the way!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Velenah - Slick Mama

What is it about a beautiful girl in a beautiful car? It's like the perfect bird in the perfect nest, a well-cut diamond in a well-made mount, a chocolate on a pillow. And that's what Velenah is - your every California road-movie dream girl. You can just imagine travelling through the early morning hours with this honey at your side, stopping at a motel off the highway, and partaking of a little R & R. Yes, Velenah is the perfect travelling companion, even if you are un voyageur sedentaire :-)

- Daisy

New Video - Velenah - Wild Blackberries

You are moving around the outside of the car. It's a beautiful pristine sky blue Pontiac Firebird, old style...early 60's...and inside is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen...dark, luscious, naked...and you're looking at her and she's asking you to come in. "Come into my car and take a ride," she says. So you go.

That's this video, dudes.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Velenah - Kickin Back

Vilayna clearly knows how to bring on the cool. Her wardrobe in this shoot is full 100% American sexy cowgirl - jeans and white t-shirt. She's got such luscious lips, deep eyes, flowing black hair, and her ebony skin, so hot!

Imagine this girl at a drive-in with you, and she's in the passenger seat, and the kissing scene has arrived, and she's all nervous, but willing.

So, you lean over and the fun begins...

- Daisy

New Video - Velenah - Unzip It!

Velenah's pulled her pants slightly down, and now she's got her finger on the zipper. That look in her eyes tells you she knows what you're thinking. And she is so pretty, and she is so frisky, and you are so itchy for her to "do the right thing" with that zipper...will she...will she? Download this hot teaser and see!

- Daisy

New Video - Velenah - Stuns Your Mind

You won't believe how beautiful Velenah looks in this video. She's inside her car, she's taken off her top, she's tugging at the zipper on her jeans, and she is glowing like a goddess.

Be prepared to have your mind blown.

- Daisy

New Video - Velenah - Wakes You Up

You lookin' for a rush of blood to the head? Something that will get you up and out of bed? Something that will make you feel alive, like a man, like you are TRULY awake for the first time? Then come in and watch this video of Velenah posing and playing around in her big blue car. It's beautiful, baby. It's way beautiful. And she is a true American goddess.

- Daisy

New Video - Velenah - Rodeo Peep Show

Let's face it - Velenah is such a stunningly beautiful model. She's so unique! Where else have you seen a model like this? She seems to blend so many different features, both in terms of her style and her ethnicity. I think she has the most sensual look into the camera of any model on the site, and those lips and those small breasts (some of the smallest on the site, thank you), and that way of seducing the viewer...this girl is pure gold. And this video is a chance for you to live it.

- Daisy

New Video - Vilayna - Sexy Western

Here it is - our final Velenah video, concluding the incredible hour of footage that shows this uniquely beautiful black model posing topless in a beautiful blue classic Chevy Impala. And this is one you don't want to miss. This woman is so beautiful and sexy and alluring, you've never seen such a lovely vision. Trust me.

- Daisy

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