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posted: 03/01/06

Legal and Lethal

Daisy's Blog Entries on Leah

New Model - Leah - Legal and Lethal

Okay, boys. I’ve got one for you, but I’m going to have to ask that you be extra nice to her, because this is one of my best friends of all time. I’ve known Leah since I was 6 years old, and we are still super close. Leah is one of the sweetest, funniest, coolest, and craziest girls I know, and when she decided to be on my site…despite the fact that she’d never even THOUGHT of posing nude before…I was so psyched!

What I like so much about Leah’s photos and videos is just how intimate they are. It means a lot to me that we’re able to give our members a real “inside look” at Leah’s life and personality, because I’ve been so close to her over the years. Every boy I introduce to Leah falls in love with her immediately. She is literally beating them away from her door because she’s so cute and cool. I trust you’ll feel the same. But remember, be good to my girl!

New Video - Leah - In the Dressing Room

Here she is, my dear sweet friend, Leah, playing dress up (and dress down and dress off...) in her bedroom. We get treated to a real fashion show (and striptease show ;-)) thanks to her digging through her closet and sharing some of her wardrobe with us. Nice!

This is one of our highly edited video general we like to give you the raw footage (you can take it raw, right?). Our preference at DaisyBeach is for girlz just like they are...maybe because we have such totally awesome girlz! But this one isn't too fact, I think it looks pretty damn nice...and when Leah the super bubbly sweety is the star, including some incredible shots of her incredible hooters, well, you know it's a good day at the beach!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Sloppy Kisses

Leah loves her puppy. And her puppy loves Leah. Is there anything cuter than a girl with her dog? As she kisses and pets and strokes the little critter, you can almost feel what it must be like to have adorable Leah lavishing such attention on you.

What I like so much about these photos is the intimate nature of them. This is Leah's room. The light is coming thru the window just as it does each morning when Leah wakes up. This is the bed where her puppy sleeps and plays with her. And when she has a boy over, this is the bed where the fun begins. You ready to see the exotic/erotic Leah in her natural habitat?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Dolphin Belly

Leah, so plump and perky and pretty, sitting on her white satin bed in the early day sun with nothing on but a pair of jeans and a black lace bra...that is a vision of purity and sweetness. And when she starts to take the bra off and show us her ample attributes, it's truly a trip to bliss.

I called this series Dolphin Belly because to me, Leah has that kind of mermaid smoothness that drives you crazy. And when she smiles, your cares dissolve. I think she has some of the cutest charm on the site, if only because she's so natural, so untouched, never having done such a naughty thing before as show all the boyz her boobys. Well, there's a first time for everything, and it's my pleasure to make sure you're there when it happens!

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - So Shy Girl


This totally cute, totally sexy (just like Leah herself) video starts right where you'd want it to - with Leah taking off and putting on her bra in her closet. You can practically smell her clothes thru the's that private and intimate.

We are then treated to what has to be one of the hottest, sweetest sessions of "unbuttoning the white lace shirt, revealing the black lace bra, removing the black lace bra, and revealing the luscious white melons of love of Leah." Does any girl on our site have better boozmas than this shy, lovely babe?

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - White Blossoms

Leah has the most perfect white blossoms. They are downy and smooth and pale and pillowy. And when she releases them, ever so slowly and gently, from their lace confines, they billow and blow and burst like new-born buds. This girl just flat out has the finest tits on the site.

Come in and share some intimate times with Leah and her white blossoms. No matter where you live, Leah is in bloom.

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - Belt Loop Tango

Leah is walking on the edge. She's taken her top off, releasing and revealing those precious white blossoms (as we call the), and now she's wondering about the jeans. And the panties. And what's beneath. How can she do it? Show the whole world? Open up to like everyone who wants to watch? Well, come in and see what happens. You won't find a cuter girl in a cuter video...except on this site...where, yes, every girl is cuter than the next!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Lime Green Panties

Leah has some lime green panties on in this series, but more importantly, her white satin shirt is open and she's letting us in on her delicious full breasts, which are some of the finest on the site. I love Leah. She is so smart and funny, and when you see her on any of her videos, bopping around her bright white clean apartment, you just know she'd be a joy and a half to hang with.

And that can happen if you come inside and spend some time with her. Her videos are that intimate. It's like being with Leah, and trust me, that's good medicine!

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - Sexy Meditations

It's been too long since we posted a Leah video, so here's one, and it's an extra special "welcome to the hot month of July" treat, because Leah is loosening her buttons, opening up her lacy white shirt, and giving to our members the most delectable pair of breasts they are likely to have ever seen. Speechless, that's what these babies will leave you. Enjoy the summer!

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - The Perfect Pair

Leah has the absolute perfect pair. Not too big, not too small, not too perky, not too droopy, just fleshy and creamy and sumptuous and giving and delightful and playful and kissable and squeezable and willing and eager and a little bit girlish and a whole lotta woman and all the tasty things you dream of when you dream of another pair of pillows. Yes, this is the perfect pair, ON VIDEO!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - Leather Luscious

Here's Leah, starting out with her top off, and moving into an adorable, hardcore leather outfit. She slips on the fishnets, she slips on the tight leather pants, she slips on the leather bra and boots, and gives us a dance party like you've never seen. This girl is THE SEXIEST DANCER EVER BORN! I promise you. I truly promise you her dancing will have your head.

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - My Naughty Bed Cam

We put the camera in close on Leah, achieving a "bed cam" like experience, but without all the grainy blip blip blip that you usually get with that crap. No, no. Our videos are large, clear, and sexy. We process them so that you can watch them on a large screen and still get every detail. Like of the delicate pores on Leah's gorgeous breasts. Ah, that's livin'!

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - Pendulous and Plump

They are some of the finest on our site. They are pendulous and plump, hanging there like ripe fruit, yet not saggy. No, no. They are full and ripe and sumptuous and delicious and delicate and wonderful, and they belong to Leah. But she's willing to share them. And if you download this video, they're all yours, to do with as you wish. Imagine that. Go on. Imagine that.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Adorable Girl

I think Leah is down and out the most adorable girl on our site. She is playful, puckish, pleasant, funny, fanciful, and full of youth.

And she has some of the largest and finest big budding white breasts on the site.

Here you get to watch her open her shirt and take those breasts out, all in her very own bedroom, all in her own clothes, all for the boys she loves. You, dude, you!

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - Nice Muchachas!!!

Leah has some great breasts. There is no disputing that. And the bras and shirts she wears over them only enhance the view. They are round, full, young, and luscious, and she knows how to pull them out and let us get a nice long look. A nice long hard look at her delicious creamy love pillows. A 6 minute video of the girl and her glories.

- Daisy

New Video - Leah - Your First Love

Leah is not only totally cute, she's totally honest and straight-forward and independent in her thinking. If you want to see an in-depth, intimate, totally candid interview with the sexiest, smartest girl you've ever come across, download this total gem. I bet you can't stop falling in love with Leah!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Leather Lover

Leah has many sides to her. There's the cute, sweet girl-next-door. There's the quirky, kinda weird nervous girl. And then there's the dancer who likes to wear leather and move her body in all sorts of exotic ways.

In this photo set, you get a little of all three, though it definitely tends more toward the leather.

Watch her put it on and watch her peal it off.

It's all good when it's Leah in the lens.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Your First Love 

We all had a first love, though she looked different for each of us. Yet in our memories there's something about that first love that is, perhaps, always "cute."

And while there's no universal first love, I think Leah somehow embodies every man's first love in the way she carries herself.

Shy, cute, fun, exciting, excited...that's Leah, and that's first love.

Come in and watch her open her shirt, and feel that first love again!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Delicious Girl  

Leah is our girl-next-door. On a site filled with super babes, she's natural, fun, sexy, cool, and funny.

She also happens to be a premier ballerina, having danced with the San Francisco Ballet and the London Ballet, among others.

But when she dances on our site, it's a whole different story. Just check out her videos to see what we mean. And also check out these photos, which feature her O SO PERFECT Leah breasts!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Key Lime Pie  

We've got some more sweet Key Lime Pie. Leah, that is, in her lime green panties.

O, and you might notice some beautiful breasts throwin in the mix. Leah is taking off her shirt in her room, and the light is catching her lovely flesh just perfectly.

Leah is a dancer - ballerina, to be exact - and you can tell by her amazingly fit body. So come in and dance a few with this pristine California cutey.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Leah - Mama Mia!  

Leah is Italian-American. She dances in some of the best ballet companies in the world. And she is totally totally cute.

But when you see what she's got under her shirt, you're going to sing "Mama Mia!" to the screen, cuz these are some succulent suckies, I tell you.

Lovely Leah, thanks for sharing.

- Daisy

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