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posted: 02/24/06

All The Way

Kitana's Blog Entries

New Model - Kitana - All The Way


Never let it be said that we don’t have our share of totally stacked and sensual babes on And if we had to give the crown to the queen of totally awesome, that might just have to go to Kitana, not only because she has the body to die for and loves to show it all off…every last bit of it…but she also happens to be a totally awesome person, too. When she’s not taking her clothes off for us, she is working at various charities around town helping out young
kids in need. Hot, and with a heart! Who could ask for more?

We decided to shoot much of Kitana’s footage with her tanning and swimming and stripping around the pool, because she looks so damn good in a bikini. She looks mighty good out of a bikini too, which you get to see a lot of in her footage. But to appease those who like something more subtle, we then took her inside and had her try on some fine lace lingerie, which she looks awesome in too! Fact is, there’s nothing that Kitana doesn’t look hot in, especially when she’s taking it off!

New Photo Set - Kitana - Nothing To Hide

We named this set of photos "Nothing to Hide" because, fact is, Kitana has nothing to hide. She's losing her bra, dropping her panties, and letting us into her life. And that is so like cool, especially since it is so totally awesome in there!

I like the way Kitana strips. To me it is unique. There's none of that fake, dancey, Russian flair about it. And there's none of that lollipop teen bullshit where it's like you're stripping for your father or some sick shit like that. Instead, it's just shy, and easy, and kind of sweet. She has something nice to show you, and she takes her time, and lets it happen. And what she shows you is as fresh as it gets. Enjoy it, boyz!

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - I Touch Myself


Kitana is taking off her bikini - both parts - and hanging out by the water. It's cool there, and she's been running around and getting wet. She just finished a swim, so it's time for some chill. You get to watch her run her hands all over her body, up and down, and she makes it all look so simple...simple to touch yourself like a woman for the world. Nice.

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - Sunning Goddess

Kitana is truly a California beach babe...or is it pool babe? Whatever it is, she is at a kitten in a basket...when she's basking in the sun near some cool, cool water. And it's there that she gets to take it all off, lose that bikini, and show the boyz why she's the bossest babe.

Who can deny Kitana is one super hot stripping water nymph?

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - Waterfall Orgasm

Kitana is playing in the pool. She's taken off her bikini, and she's letting the water get all over and inside her. There's this awesome grotto with a waterfall that comes out the side, and she heads over there. Entering the pouring cascade, she lets it run all down her face, in her lips, around her breasts, and down the front of her belly, tingling her all over as it rushes into her inner thighs. This is waterfall orgasm, California backyard style!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Flower Bikini Falls

Whenever I see these images of Kitana, I'll admit it, I think "Playboy Mansion." Kitana could have been a Heffner Bunny, save for the fact that she's a Daisy Babe, which is a lot cooler. Playboy is dead, long live Daisy!!!

What kind of man reads DaisyBeach? A horny man who loves natural beautiful young California girls who are smart and lovely and fashionable and O so good at peeling off their clothes in just the right way. A beach bum. A babe-o-holic. A scholar of the suckable.

Those are my boyza!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - Sexy Mermaid

You've seen some of the earlier videos of Kitana stripping and swimming in the lush watery grotto. And they were good for you ;-) Well, now you get to see her playing in the waterfall, swimming in the limpid blue liquid, and sharing her body with the elements.

Kitana is a smiling, lovely, bodacious babe, and any decently long look at her naked in nature, as this is, can be sure to lift your spirits into vacation mode. So take a break, and frolic with Kitana!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Waterfall Ecstasy

We put out a free gallery featuring some of these shots last week, and the response was unbelievable. Everybody seems to be crazy about how Kitana frolics in a waterfall, the shimmering clear blue water springing and splashing over her breasts.

It's a rare and very cool find when you discover a model who brings such joy and integrity to what she does, and that's Kitana. This girl loves to take her clothes off and be photographed. She seems to know from deep inside what it means to our members - a moment of bliss. So, take a dip with Kitana the Mermaid Goddess!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Love Splash

This has been an incredibly popular series for us. A few of the images have made their way around the web, and keep popping up in the farthest places. I think it's because Kitana is so hot and the waterfall is just having such a great time splashing across her gloriously large tootoos.

The video that shows all this action in full motion picture action is an absolute MUST view Kitana as she, fully nude, heads into the falling foamy cataract and lets the water stimulate her abundant nippies, it's a total California moment, as hot as it gets.

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - Wet and Wild

This is what you might call "the climax" to our highly popular "Kitana Baker nude in the pool" video series...over an hour of this incredibly bodacious and delicious brunette bouncing and swimming and stripping down to NOTHING as the cool blue waters splash over her gorgeous hard body. Not to be missed, if you dig cute girls swimming naked for your eyes only!

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - The Whole Peach

The whole peach. What more can you say? The entire fruit, revealed for our members only. In 6 minutes of video, deliciously open and ripe and unashamed, dripping with bright clear pool water, slightly shaved and very cute, highly delightful and desired, all there, for the viewing, for the totally awesome dudes we call our dear members :-)...Kitana is giving her all. Are you ready willing and able to do the same, in honor of her delicacy?

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - Self-Groping

Wow, Kitana is one sexy babe. And the way she works that lingerie game, it just has your head spinning, so curvaceous and delicious does she bring it on. Here we've got her in a great video, stripping and touching herself before the mirror, letting all the boyz in on her private toilette. It's a vision to behold, and only Daisy's got it!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Glistening Glands

You can't compete with Kitana. She is a California babe with everything going for her - awesome looks, awesome chest, awesome body - and her photo shoot takes place in a private pool in Malibu! Grotto and all! Hugh Heffner BLUSH!!!

Watch Kitana as she plays with her bikini strings, pulls her top off, diddles with her bottoms, and gives the boyz a show. Super babe, super series.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Nude Cascade

The photo shoot of which these images form a part is legendary by now. Featuring Kitana in the waterfall of a Malibu pool with grotto, these shots are super erotic, not only because Kitana is fully nude and enjoying herself so much, but also because of the way the water splashes all over her and runs over her capacious boobies.

Kitana is the spitting image of a nude California babe swimming and glistening like the mermaid....enjoy these amazingly sexy shots of one of our hottest models!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Moist All Over

Kitana is still splashing in that water, but the shots are getting better than ever. If you haven't seen the cool blue splashing over her killer hard bod, then you're living in the dark ages.

This girl has had her share of fame lately. TV commercials, movies, print ads...but her FULLY NUDE stuff is done only on DaisyBeach. We get em, don't we? All for you, dudes, all for you!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Skinny Dipper

Kitana starts things out in this set in a bikini, but that is soon lost and she's skinny-dippin before you know it.

Beautiful California beach babe skinny-dippin in the cool blue pool.

Her breasts, large by any standard, look especially good in the water, dripping and splashing and heaving.

Come take a dip with Kitana and cool yourself off...

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Come On In

Kitana is inviting us into her home.

We get to see her drive up. She's wearing a tiny white t-shirt that hugs her huge breasts just right. She's wearing a tiny flowered sarong over her bikini bottoms. And she's wearing a smile, exciting to show you what's beneath.

Next it's out to the pool to feel the water.

And if you want to see the sexiest foot and toe shots you've ever seen, this is your set.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Backyard Mermaid

Kitana, ripe and voluptuous, splashing in the water.

Watch as she dives down, exposing her moist rump.

Watch as she comes up, drops glistening on her tight belly.

Watch as she plays in the water, turning you on and on and on...

Dude...there's a naked mermaid in your backyard pool!

- Daisy

New Video - Kitana - Like Butter

Kitana is so smooth, so beautiful, so engaging, it's a pleasure to spend some time listening to her talk about her most intimate thoughts and feelings. And that outfit she has on is good to watch, too. This girl is like butter - sweet and creamy and spreads just right :-)

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Breast Stroke  

A hot California girl, totally naked, swims in a clear blue pool.

The angles on the body are awesome. Big breasts, round full hips, cute face, strong muscles. She's got the body.

Kitana Baker is a by-now famous model, appearing in commercials and TV shows and major motion pictures.

But only DAISY has her in the buff, baby!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Kitana - Sittin' Pretty  

Kitana is one full-bosomed gal, and when she's in a bathing suit, applying the lotion, she glistens like a greasy mermaid (Mmmmm....)

This is a session we took of Kitana sun-bathing out back in her pool. And did you know Kitana is famous? She's been in various beer ads, and several movies.

Have you seen her? Well, if you have, you haven't seen her like she is on DaisyBeach - FULLY NUDE!!!

- Daisy

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