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posted: 01/13/06

Sexy Biker Chick

Justyn's Blog Entries

New Model - Justyn - Sexy Biker Chick


Every day, Justyn walks around with a secret literally on her back. It's a massive swirl of tattoos that she's gotten over the last couple years. It fits right in with her motorcycle riding style, but not with her working as an actress in the movies, so she's kept it to just the private parts of her. And yes, it goes down below her back too...something you just HAVE GOT TO SEE.

Justyn has the smooth, sultry moves of a cat. In fact, the first thing I thought when she came into audition was that I would cast her as Cat Woman in a heartbeat. With her long red nails (claws), her cute bob haircut, and her adorable little snarling smile, you can practically hear her purring her way into any man's heart. Wanna pet some pussy?

New Video - Justyn - Dimple Buds

Watching this video, I have to say, "Justyn is SO hot!!!" I mean, this girl is a serious biker chick, with tats all down her back from her neck to her ass, but she still seems to be able to pull of that innocent girl-next-door thing, especially with her cute Texas accent. And you can't know why I named this video "Dimple Buds" until you see what Justyn has to show you inside.

It all starts off with Justyn sitting on the couch with her shirt off and her jeans open. Tan all over, she plays with her pants, letting us see more and more as she pulls them open. After this game of hide-n-seek, she switches to white panties and does some "teen" posing on a chair, her adorable cotton undergarments looking as cute as can be. Enjoy it, dudes!

- Daisy

New Video - Justyn - Topless Tease


This is an incredibly hot video clip. It starts with Justyn in white cotton panties (and nothing else) lying on the floor, posing for the camera. She moves around, strikes different poses, and gives us some highly alluring glimpses of her very arousing body. She seems like a kitten taking a nap, and you'd feel like calling her pure cute if it weren't for the super intense tattoo that covers her entire back!

We then move to the Harley, where Justyn, in tight black leather pants and thigh-high black boots, with her red shirt open all the way to her belly, sits atop the horse-power beast and flashes us some delicious views. This girl can ride!
- Daisy

New Video - Justyn - Rearview Tattoo

When you first look at Justyn, you think you're seeing some sweet 21 year old California girl who went to private school and is maybe even saving herself for marriage. Her sets in the dainty white panties make her look like a nun on vacation. But when she takes off her shirt and turns around, the truth comes out. Justyn has her life story tattooed on her back. Can you say sexy? You've got to see this video to get the scope of her body painting. And what a body it is! This girl has a toned and tanned physique that any man would love to touch. And when she flashes that back tat, well, da boyz are on their knees!

- Daisy

New Video - Justyn - Hell's Angel

Justyn has a chopper, and she rides it nearly every weekend. Whether she rides it topless or not is something you'll have to research yourself, spending some time in the LA area, and maybe spotting her on the road with her tasties out. Until that time, you have these videos, where, in flaming red shirt, tight black leather pants, and boots that could crush your heart, she straddles her horsepower machine and lets her buttons down to reveal the most darling, tanned titties you've ever seen. Angel of Hell indeed.

- Daisy

New Video - Justyn - Babe Exit

This is Justyn's last video. Here she is - the girl whose life story is tattooed into her flesh all down her back - the girl who rides the Harley too big for most men - the girl with the incredible all-body tan and the perfect round tiny titties. It's been great knowing you, Justyn, and please, come back for more!

- Daisy

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