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Their Photo Sets
Girls Filming Girls 3 - 3 Models
posted: 08/14/06

Our "Girls Filming Girls" photo sets and videos feature several of our girls together in a room, taking their clothes off, sharing sex stories, and playing truth or dare...often with wild and intimate consequences. GFG 1 stars Joni, Brooke, and Sammy.




Daisy's Blog Entries on Girls Filming Girls 3

New Photo Set - Joni - Surfin USA - NEW MODEL!!!

Well, dudes, this is the beginning of something truly amazing. Joni, our new model this week, is one of three girls featured in our Girls Filming Girls 3 series. This is different than our Girls Filming Girls 2 series. This one stars Brooke, Sammy, and Joni, and this one is even HOTTER than # 2. And much of that is thanks to Joni, our new model.

She's blonde, she's a surfer, and she's crazy for the nude shoot. She takes it off no problem, and then she grabs some ass, kisses, and dares her girlfriends to GO THERE with her. Video is on the way (next couple weeks) and we have over 4 hours of it. Until then, enjoy the photos, and know - Joni is the genuine California article!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Pillow Fight

Okay. You have Brooke, Sammy, and Joni, and they're in their underwear bouncing around on a bed. One of them flings a pillow, and the fight begins. Underwear is stretched, breasts are bobbled, legs are spread, and a good times are had by all.

Especially you as you watch these three top class babes play around together. This is a dream come true to be spending some playtime with these honeys!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Whip Cream Kiss

What more do you want? Joni, the perfect California blonde babe. Sammy, Miss Island Eyes 2006 and a total Asian bombshell. And Brooke, the sexiest curly-haired midwestern girl turned California photo cutey in the bizz. And they are TOGETHER in our Girls Filiming Girls 3 series.

This one features them naked playing around in the bed together. And then the cocktails (all pun intended) get brought out and soon some whip cream licking and "girls feeding girls" is in order. If you like gorgeous honeys eating food naked in bed, your dream is here!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Edible Pillows

The girls are in bed, and they're taking off their clothes.

Now whose silky white pillowy tasty smooth round ass cheeks do you suppose those are?

The winner see the first Girls Filming Girls 3 vieo, which is coming in two days!!!

And we have about 100 of them...and every girl gets FULLY NUDE and does all kinds of crazy drunk shit.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Meet the Babes

THIS IS IT!!! Today we launch a new video series, Girls Filming Girls 3, and boyz, you are going to DIE for this one. Sammy, Brooke, and Joni, three of the hottest girls on our site, do it ALL on this video - stripping, kissing, ass-slapping, going down, sucking whip cream, getting drunk, it's a wild and crazy session of girls going wild...and we have over four hours of it!

Trust me...these videos will MAKE YOUR NIGHT!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Bathroom Strippers

Our amazing Girls Filming Girls 3 video reality series continues, as Sammy, Brooke, and Joni (OW!!!!) hit the bathroom to get all pretty for their video session. Shirts, bras, panties, everything starts coming off, secrets are revealed, and just seeing these girls bend over into the mirror is enough to make you believe in magic. Come inside and gawk awhile!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Nude Slumber Party

The girls are trying to figure out what to order. Their slumber party has begun, and they have the munchies. Plus, they need some wine, so they can get drunk and take off their clothes. Who's the hottest? Brooke? Joni? Sammy? And who's going to go the farthest? I bet Brooke. She's a crazy girl, and she loves the lesbo thing. Come inside for the freshest in NUDE REALITY TV!!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Rolling Around

The girls are in bed, and the clothes are coming off.

You get to see Joni's incredibly cute perky tits.

You get to see Sammy's voluptuous round tits.

And you get to see Brooke's delicious melon tits with the delicate pink nipples protuding out.

What more do you want?

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Jumpin' on the Bed

You're not going to believe how wild these girls get in this video. Credit some of it to wine, and some of it to their being turned on by each other, and some of it to the simple horniness and craziness of each of them individually, but together, O boy...and here it's starting, in the bed, stripping down, getting wild with each other. Come along for a wild girl slumber party...

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - In the Girls Room

You can't beat Brooke, Sammy, and Joni getting undressed, redressed, and prettied up in the bathroom. These are three world class babes, and they are taking it off in the girls room for your eyes only. Sammy with her big cocoa boobs (pictures here), Joni with her perky blonde body, and Brooke with her lanky perfect's a show to turn you on, dat's sho' nuf!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls FIlming Girls 3 - Delicious Zombie

Here you've got it - the girls putting on make up, in their pajamas, looking pretty in the bathroom. We have one extended session with Brooke as she applies her make-up and does the zombie thing. Then we move into the living room and the hand-held vid cam comes out, with interviews and giggles. The clothes are coming off, boyz!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Fine Food Fantasy

Sammy, Joni, and Brooke, three totally awesome super babes, are getting warmed up with the food. Come in and watch this video and you can see them sucking, licking, biting, and chewing the most delicious dishes, and it's all just foreplay to the incredible nude girl party that's about to take place!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Playing in the Bed 

The party is warming up!

Joni has taken off her clothes, Brooke is practically there, and Sammy's wearing no shirt. What could be better?

Watch as our GFG3 girls good around, rub each other's bottoms, and give us some quality flashes.

Nice bodies, girls!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Cat Chat Fever

This shit is about to explode. You can feel the tension in the room. Someone is going to start stripping off their clothes, or slapping someone's ass, or sticking their tongue down someone's throat. It's a girl party, and the wine is flowing, and girls are getting hot and it's not going to be pretty. Or maybe that's exactly what it's going to be :-)

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Naughty Tickles  

First, you've got Brooke, tall and statuesque, in her tight white t-shirt, trying to get some.

Then you've got Joni, delicate and fun and SO California, giggling and tickling and groping for some fun.

And then there's Sammy, the totally top heavy Asian super model, and they're all in bed, getting drunk. Yeah!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Bedtime Playmates

This is like being at a slumber party with the three hottest girls in your school. Pajamas are on, pajamas are off, there's kissing, girls getting curious about girls, giggling, playing around, jokes, stories, and all the while the three sexiest beauties you've ever wanted to see. A long video, full of lovely naked honeys. Sleep over!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls FIlming Girls 3 - Sammy Rules

Talk about a fantasy. Here these three babes are, pretty much in their pajamas, and they're gabbing around the coffee table, nibbling on food. Every move of their body exposes some of the finest breasts and bodies in the land. Three sweet honeys, up close and personal. Nice vid.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Lazy Super Models

Well, the girls are getting drunk. They're in their pajamas, sipping at the wine glasses, and the games are beginning. We get to see them in the bathroom, changing and getting pretty, and then it's back to the couch, where they roll some Truth or Dare dice and start playing around. And trust me - this is just the beginning. These girls get WILD!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Joni Live!

Our Girls Filming Girls series shows girls hanging out together and doing all sorts of crazy things, including getting naked, physical contact, and other sensual silliness. We have GFG2 and GFG3 (GFG1 and GFG4 are in the works). In GFG3, Joni, Sammy, and Brooke are put into a hotel room together, given enough wine to fell a horse, and pretty soon, pure joy is achieved as the girls get drunk, strip down, and start exploring their curiosities in one another's bodies. It's a blast to watch, and VERY hot!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Sammy Shows Off

How long's it been since you saw Sammy on video? This girl is so hot, so bodacious, so sensual and creamy and luscious, you can't turn your head away. And what we have of her on video is going to blow your mind. She gets drunk, she strips down, she gets wild. This is full on erotic sexual madness on video, with the finest lookin' babe you've ever seen.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Wine Goggles

There's hardly anything sexier than a bunch of California babes getting way drunk on wine and starting to take their clothes off as they "bare all" about their past sexual experiences, talking, for instance, of how they give "above average head" and showing exactly HOW it's done by practicing on a wine bottle. And that Joni could suck the cork right out, trust me!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Shimmering Brooke

Sexy, getting-drunk girls. Talking about doggy style sex, finding the perfect man, how to use your mouth to the greatest effect, and other intimate sensual secrets. That's what you'll find here. And it's Brooke, Sammy, and Joni, three of the coolest, hottest girls on our site. You can't go wrong with this one.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Sweet Cheeks

Brooke is getting way out of control. Now she's pulling her pants down. And just wait until you see what happens after that. We have a strip tease in the bedroom. some blindfolding with doggy style sex stimulation, and some actual "going down on the girls" action...this is girl-on-girl madness, and all of it is really really hot!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Brooke Strips!

Brooke gets into a little game of truth or dare, and ends up being sent to the bedroom to do some strip down, and that she does! This is a genuine striptease show, with Brooke going all the way nude in the bedroom, and this is just the beginning. Trust me - these GFG3 videos are about to get SO SEXY and SO WILD you will not believe your eyes!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Gettin Naked!

Let the games begin! Sammy and Joni have opened the can of worms, and they are taking off each other's clothes. If you haven't seen these two naked on video before, you are in for a totally awesome treat. They are the perfect combo - the blonde beach bunny and the Asian super babe. OMFG they are HOT!!! Drunk, sexy girls, getting naked. What more do I have to do to get you to come inside?!?!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Take Me Drunk I'm Home

Everything you need for a party is here. The girls are hot, and their clothes are coming off. The wine is flowing, and the company is getting drunk. The drinking games are coming out, and everyone's starting to touch and laugh and get it on. Wanna party?

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Strip Poker

The best part about our Girls Filming GIrls series is that you have total babes, most of whom have never been in a group video situation like this, pushing each other to the limit. The toys we bring in - dice with truth or dares on them - help, but the biggest impetus is the girls themselves, cheering each other on, encouraging each other to go farther, take more off, do more wild sexy things. It's SO HOT!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Back Her Up!

We've got some good behind in this one, boyz. Brooke's, that is. But also Sammy's and Joni's. All three of the girls are flashing some rear, and the clothes are coming off. We put some hot girls in a room together, and they are getting naked and playing DIRTY games. Fun nude video at its finest!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Freshly Squeezed!

Are you in the mood for some butt squeezin? The truth or dare dice are out, and the girls are playing their crazy games. Here you can see Sammy squeezin some ass, with lots of giggles and innuendos. These are three totally hot babes having a great time getting naked for you. What are you going to do about it?

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Intimate Feelings

The truth or dare cards are flying. Sitting in their panties and t-shirts, the girls are answering some naughty questions to eacht other and performing some naughty tasks on each other. This is that "Slumber Party of Babes" you always dreamt of attending!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Naked Cream

Sammy, Brooke, and Joni - three of the finest luscious babes you'll ever see - are getting naked, and the whip cream is out, and they're shmearing their titties and asses and inner thighs, and they're getting drunker and drunker, and more and more is coming off, and boyz, lemme tell ya - this is what you need tonight!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Sammy Showers

Sammy has taken off all her clothes and gotten into the shower. She's soaping down, getting wet, and the warm water feels so good. This is plain and simple a chance to watch a world-class super babe (Miss Island Eyes 2000, in fact) turn you on and get herself wet at the same time. Awesome!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Titty Kissers!

Here it is. The infamous, the long-awaited, the much-desired video session in which Brooke does some delicious titty lickin, kissin, and blowin on Sammy, and trust me, if Miss Island Eyes 2006 (Sammy) wasn't hot and wet at this point, she is now. Girls on girls on naked girls on naked girls, kissin titty...this is it, and you are due for it, so come and get it!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Babe Bachanal

Brooke and Sammy strip down to just their thongs. They bend over on all fours on the floor next to each other. Joni has a blind-fold on and her "Dare" is to mount both girls from behind like they're doin' it doggy style.

That's the video you got here. How can you NOT download that?

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Back Slappers

Things are definitely getting out of control. Running toward the bathroom, the girls, all three of them now mostly naked, begin slapping each other's full ripe round asses, and the giggles just don't stop. This is a super hot butt slappin' video with three of the hottest babes you ever will see.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 3 - Deep Throat

Here's a proposition for you - Come in and watch this video. The girls are topless, and they're playing Truth or Dare, and Sammy gets picked to show the girls how she gives head, so she grabs a wine bottle and gets to work. If only, if only...this will have your imagination reeling with ecstasy as Miss Island Eyes goes down on the tall one.

- Daisy

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Girls Filming Girls
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Babe Bachanal

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Titty Kissers!

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Sammy Showers

Girls Filming Girls
Naked Cream

Girls Filming Girls
Intimate Feelings

Girls Filming Girls
Fresh Squeezed!

Girls Filming Girls
Back Her Up!

Girls Filming Girls
Strip Poker

Girls Filming Girls
Take Me Drunk
I'm Home

Girls Filming Girls
Gettin Naked!

Girls Filming Girls
Brooke Strips!

Girls Filming Girls
Sweet Cheeks

Girls Filming Girls
Shimmering Brooke

Girls Filming Girls
Wine Goggles

Girls FIlming Girls
Sammy Shows Off

Girls Filming Girls
Joni Live!

Girls Filming Girls
Lazy Super Models

Girls Filming Girls
Sammy Rules

Girls Filming Girls
Bedtime Playmates