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Girls Filming Girls 2 - 4 Models

Our "Girls Filming Girls" photo sets and videos feature several of our girls together in a room, taking their clothes off, sharing sex stories, and playing truth or dare...often with wild and intimate consequences. GFG 2 stars Jovanna, Rebecca, Alyssa and Velenah.





Daisy's Blog Entries on Girls Filming Girls 2

New Models - Girls Filming Girls 2

Girls Filming Girls 2

The idea for Girls Filming Girls actually came from Jovanna and Rebecca, who have some experience getting girls to take risks on film through a party promotion business they run...and let's just leave it at that :-) And when I first heard it, I knew exactly who I wanted to pair them up with - the incredibly hot and wild Alyssa and Velenah. The erotic results, dear viewers, are before you.

I'm pretty sure that these series are going to be among our members' faves. How could they not be? Gorgeous girls together in a room, talking about sex, taking off their clothes, and taking some kiss-and-touch risks with each other. A good time is sure to be had by all!

So, here it is. Girls Filming Girls. Get ready for the most intimate experience of your life!

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Nervous Girls

Today I'm totally pleased to introduce you to four of the sexiest, spunkiest, bitchinest babes on my site - Alyssa, Rebecca, Velenah, and Johanna. Alyssa is my sweet ingenue who moved to LA from the South to find her fame. Rebecca is the fast-talkin jap who likes to get her friends to do crazy shit on film. Johanna is the tough Italian who likes to take off her thong and get in fist fights. And Velenah is the super inexperienced nervous youngster who knows she's the prettiest of the bunch but doesn't want to act stuck up about it.

Together, they form Girls Filming Girls 2, and we've got TONS of them on video doing some really sexy, crazy stunts, including some girl-girl kissing and touching, some incredibly revealing sex talk, and various acts of random nudity and blowjob tutoring. All in all, it's our version of Real World, only our girls are hotter and they get naked!

Enjoy it, dudes, cuz there's lots more where this came from!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Bathroom Fun

In case you didn't know it, guys, the "church of woman" is the bathroom. Or the "toilette" or "beauty room" or "mirror shrine" or whatever you want to call it. But it's there that girls get ready to go out and swipe down boys with one fell look. And it's also there that girls share body stories, and sometimes even body glimpses, pulling off their tops or down their shorts and comparing, primping, and wondering about improvements.

And some "quality bathroom time" is what we have for you in this video. Girls in bras and panties, and sometimes out of bras and panties, sharing feminine chatter and laughs. But watch out. Jovanna has some grabby hands, and she REALLY wants a kiss from one of these hot honeys!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Changing Panties

I guess April 12, 2006, is the official "Panty Day" on With Nina's update, and now this super sexy video starring my four wild girls, panty seems to be the flavor of the day. And what flavor is that panty, exactly? ;-)

Here's Jovanna and Alyssa and Velenah trying on some panties, checking out each other's bodies, and perhaps tasting on their tongue the pleasures to come. You can't beat three sexy girls checking each other out, wondering what it would be like to kiss...or touch...I spent a little time on this shoot, and I must say, the energy between these girls was enough to get anyone going, boy or here's to panties and the girls who take them off!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Ebony and Ivory

Here they are - the fabulous foursome - Velenah, Alyssa, Jovanna, and Rebecca, walking around in the bathroom with their tight little panties on. If you ask me. Alyssa has the ass to die for, Velenah has the lips to die for, Jovanna has the tits to die for, and Rebecca has the gnarly smile. that know she's got a naughty plan up her Gucci purse.

These videos are like Reality TV done right. Where else do you get to go so intimate on the girl club? Watch them put on make up, take a peepee, change panties, and slap each other's asses. It's the real world, dudes, and the girls are ripe!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Get Down On It

Welcome back to episode 5 of Girls Filming Girls 2. In today's installment, the girls are out of the bathroom, though still in their underwear, and they get it into their pretty little heads to order some food. That's a chore in itself, and soon the talk turns to sex and friends and hair color and "sexual orientation discoveries." Ah, the things girls get into!!!

My favorite part of this episode? Alyssa in her white tank top and grey tight panties. That girl is so cute I want to put her on bread and smother her in mayonnaise. What a sweety, and so homespun! She's like the heartland all bundled up into a sweet, sexy, doable package. Someone should discover her and give her her own sitcom. And tell you what - I for one can't wait to see those tits!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Creamy Cheeks

Today I saw this dude walking on Venice Beach with a t-shirt that said "Don't sweat the the sweaty." lol!!! I thought that was pretty hot, and it seems good advice for, I mean...Tax Day.

And it's also a perfect intro to today's video, lusciously entitled "Creamy Cheeks." But whose cheeks are creamy, you might ask? fyi - there's plenty o' creamy cheeks in this video...on Alyssa, Velenah, Jovanna...but not Rebecca, who has yet to show her delish backside...tho have no fear, it will be here!

Enjoy my creamy cheeked friends and their crazy girl sex games!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Glowing Boobs

In this episode of Girls Filming Girls 2, we return to the topic of breasts. Of course, put four hot girls in the same room, and they're going to start comparing body parts. Jovanna kicks it all off with the confession that she thinks she has funny inverted nipples. Well, you can be the judge of that, because she shows the camera!

What's cool is that you get a sense that each girl has her own take on the "perfect boob" thing. Natural, fake, puffy nipple, inverted nipple, small, large, perky, droopy, all types get discussed here, and, of course, the boobs of the judges themselves get plenty of discussion, and, as you'll see soon, plenty of exposure as well.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - First Time Tales

Every girl remembers her first time. Some "virgin voyages" are awesome, taking you to exciting, inspiring places that you live the rest of your life longing to return to. And some first times are, well, ya know, they like totally suck. But that suckage can usually be remedied by trying it a second time with someone a bit more clueful.

In this new installation of our all-revealing GFG2 video series, you get to hear about some first-times, some weird boyfriends, and some crazy sexual experiences, as our lovely surfer girls open up about their early inner body experiences. So, download and savor the intimate details, and hey, maybe you'll learn something that will help you be someone's "totally awesome" first timer!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - The Shower Trick

Do you want to hear about Alyssa's first time? About how she made it with this boy who didn't know what he was doing, how he was afraid to try anything darying, but young Alyssa wanted to do it in strange place, with food, in different bodily spaces, you name it...this girl is the Luke Skywalker of natural sensuality...

And do you want to hear how Jovanna achieves a clitoral orgasm using a shower head? Then check out this next installment in our ragingly popular Girls Filiming Girls 2 video series, where four fine fresh honeys talk about sex and "being a chick" more intimately than you can probably stand. Or can you? Hu, stud, hu?

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Room Service

Our girls, still lounging in their underwear and bra, start talking about some of their past boy exploits, and Jovanna gives the low down on some loser she was married to. For all you dudes, there's some lessons to be learned in here about what women want, and ya know, like if you can give whem what they want, they'll usually do the same for you :-)

We think of this as our "food fetish" video. When the food arrives, the girls begin munching on salad, noodles, and crudites. Watching them fill their mouths with yummy substance and let their tongues and lips get to work, well, it's a metaphorical orgy. So dive in, dudes!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Magnum Extra Large

In this 6 minute video, the girls continue their chatting about losing their virginity, the size of their boyfriends' "package," how their mothers' dealt with their emerging desires to leave the house at night and shag boys on the golf course, and other titillating private revelations.

Then we move with Alyssa and Velenah into the bedroom, where the two beauties, in tight white t-shirts and panties, chat about boyz and sex. To see them lying on the bed together, nervous about whether to touch or not, playing like sorority sisters in the dorm just getting to know each other, wondering if the other goes "that way," wanting to touch, but afraid...well, it's a fine view, dudes!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Truth or Dare

Here are those girls again, this time lying around on the bed together, giggling, gently suggesting, and otherwise filling their white cotton shirts and panties with sunny freshness. Velenah and Alyssa nuzzling atop the hotel sheets, it's a fine party.

We then go into the living room for some playing Truth or Dare, and we get to hear everyone's favorite sex positions. And in the next video, this leads to actual acting out, showing off, and getting down. Would someone tell these girls that sex is no giggly thing ;-)

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Swallow This!


Here's the moment we've all been waiting for. Alyssa, playing Erotic Truth or Dare, pulls the "kiss" card. She's gotta kiss one of the girls in the room. Who's she choose? Jovanna, of course, who's been making it pretty clear that she'd be way into such a thing. What follows is one long lusty wet mack.

Then, in a wild twist, the drinking games begin, and Jovanna ends up pouring some Absolut Lemon into a cup, and Alyssa starts pouring it down her throat. All of this with her titties out and flashing. Some girls are the life of the party!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Lap Dance


In this installment of our Girls Filming Girls 2 video session, Jovanna is topless, Alyssa is sporting the cutest pair of gray panties and white t-shirt, and Rebecca is wearing a see-thru nighty. As the girls chat about sex and orgasms, Alyssa takes to come lap dancing, and gives Velenah the full-on treatment.

Then we get to hear Velenah, playing Erotic Truth or Dare, talk about her experience with "enjoying giving oral sex." Sexy girls talking sex can be SO fuckin' sexy!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Down and Dirty

We got spanking in this one. Alyssa is spanking Jovanna, and Velenah and Rebecca are lovin' it big time. Hot girls spankin' some ass in the living room. Girls opening up to each other, lettin' it all hang out, and gettin' some hand to some cheek. Spank! You can hear the squeals and the squirms. Take that, you sweet honey!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Whip Cream Lickers

So, the girls get out the whip cream. They pull off the top, and the long white nozzle is before them. Various dares are thrown around, and then it's time to get busy. Soon, whip cream is being sprayed about, on tips, on thighs, on titties, on lips, and then the whip cream is licked off, and it's so sweet and creamy and the metaphor is too much to bear, this white frothy foam of delicious richness that every girl has all over her sensitive parts. Mmm...candy party!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Titty Lickin' Good

Alyssa, that totally spunky southern girl who came to Hollywood to realize her dreams and ended up on our Girls Filming Girls series playing Erotic Truth or Dare and pulling off her clothes for the camera (and that WAS her dream!), now pulls the card that means it's time for her to lick some titty...Jovanna's titty to be exact, and lick she does, and you can see it in her eyes...this is an education she's glad to be getting!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Deep Throat Merlot

The moment has come when it's time for Jovanna to stop talking and start showing. She's bragged about all the men she's had, all the times she's told some dude to take a walk because he didn't know how to please her, and all about how she is a vixen extraordinaire in the bed. Well, then she pulls the card. So show the girls how you do it so good, what makes you such a lover girl...

And show she does. Ever heard of a girl so good she could suck the cork out of a bottle? See and believe!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Going Down

The games keep getting wilder, the girls keep getting braver, and the mouths keeps going down down down, in search of some succulent succor, a little taste of the sweetest sweet.

And of course it's Jovanna going down on Rebecca, because you know there's this thing between them, because Rebecca is so fast-talking smart and so damn sexy, and Jovanna is so tough and so curious, well, you see what girls licking and kissing. Very nice!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Topless Voyeur

Jovanna has been dying to pull her top off again, and she finally got around to it as she seized the camera. And this is where Girls Filming Girls gets good. You can feel her sexual energies rising, and the tension in the room starts to get hot. Alyssa wants to make out with Jovanna, but isn't sure about it cuz she's never done that. And of course Velenah, sweet shy young Velenah, is going crazy thinking about Rebecca's recent come-on. Just watch as the girls unravel these sensual hopes and dreams, and trust me, some tasty naked macking is to be viewed!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Feelin It Deep

So, the topic comes up...what's it like when you masturbate? How do you do it? How many times do you cum? What's your favorite fantasy? And of course, the girls really get into the chat, and start showing each other all their wack-off techniques, and Jovanna gets into it big time and sticks her fingers down south and gives us a real self-stimulation show. Ah, girls with girls with girls...

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Between the Legs

Now it's Velenah's turn. As all who are watching can tell, Velenah really likes Alyssa. She thinks she's cute, kind of like a sophisticated city girl finds a southern girl with a big heart really enticing. And when the card gets pulled that Velenah needs to go down between someone's legs, it's an easy choice for Alyssa, and the fun begins. Just watching Alyssa blush and Velenah giggle is worth the price of admission! Naughty girls!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Peek-a-Boob

The girls have moved to the bathroom to get prettied up and look at themselves in the mirror. As will happen, bodies begin being compared. Alyssa and Jovanna get into some chat about breasts and who has what kind, and soon the tops are off and plenty of touching and fine viewing is to be had. Enjoy!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - All Nude Tub Party

With all that dirty talkin' and dirty behavior, it's finally time for the girls to strip down completely and climb into the bath. First to dip? Velenah and Alyssa, and I tell you, they look O so good in the tub together. Black and white, suds and water, splishy and splashy, these are some sexy girls completely naked getting wet in the bubble bath. A totally awesome delight to see!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jovanna - Natural Born Killer - NEW MODEL!

Our new model this week is the incredibly spunky, daring, wily, pugnacious, sexy, lusty, and extremely sensual Jovanna, who our members have already met in our Girls Filming Girls 2 video series, but this photo set kicks off our Girls Filming Girls 2 photo sets, of which we have over 1,000 photos, many of the containing Jovanna in various states of nude revealment.

Jovanna is an actual female boxer who's been working in the ring for over 12 years (since she was a kid), and she also happens to have some outrageous sex stories from her prior flings. But for now, it's all about the photos, so here's to Jovanna and our GIANT collection of girls filming girls photo sets!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Wet Flash Dance

So, all the girls have stripped down, and Velenah and Alyssa have jumped into the tub...but you know the vibe is pure frolic and show-off, so some peep show games are sure to be had...Alyssa playing peepy with the towel, Velenah playing peepy with her titties using the hand bra, but not to definitely see these girls nude in the suds, and that is a sight to behold! Perfect girls, white and brown, getting REALLY wet!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Sensual Gymnastics

As the Truth or Dare heats up, we're given some awesome glimpses of just how limber these girls doubt from all those "indoor sports" they've been playing ;-)

Here is Jovanna lying down with her knees under her hips, and we've got other shows of flexible femininity...just when you thought it was safe to look away from your screen!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - In the Tub

One of the finest sessions in the infamous Girls Filming Girls series is when Alyssa, Velenah, Rebecca and Jovanah head into the bathroom to get all pretty. The clothes are taken off, the bras are dropped, wet towels are draped around bounteous breasts, and Alyssa and Velenah even get into the tub FULLY NUDE.

And this is the photo set of a part of that day in the bathroom. Who needs any more evidence for the fact that Velenah has a bit of a crush on Alyssa? And don't you?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Slippery When Sexy

This photo set is a total voyeur cam glimpse at four hot babes talking and primping in the bathroom. Their hair is down, nothing is hidden, and you get to see every gesture and movement as if you're right there, sitting in the sink to catch your drool.

Jovanna on the toilet, Rebecca on the bathtub rim, Alyssa with her titties so nice in that white wife beater, and vain Velenah always checking herself out in the mirror, these are four super models up close and personal.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Suck My Cream

Are you interested in watching a video in which nude and semi-nude girls lie down on the floor for each other and shoot whip cream into each other's mouth just for the sheer voyeuristic thrill of it? Well, look no further. The cream is flowing, the lips are open, and girls are getting crazy inside!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - GFG2's Alyssa - Southern Sweetheart

Here she is - a girl already almost famous on our site - Alyssa - who's been appearing in our Girls Filming Girls 2 videos for months, but now we're beginning to give you photos of her (and have 100's more, many fully nude). But we decided to introduce her as our new model cuz she's so damn cool sweet.

She's from some southern state, or maybe Texas...the story changes every time I talk to her - BUT, she is cute cute cute and hot hot hot and you won't be able to take your eyes off her. Freckles, brown bob, and darling titties make her a major must-see. Enjoy, dudez!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Ass Grab A-Go-Go

It's hard to think of anything finer than semi-nude babes grabbing each other's asses. The fun in the room is starting to get a little wild, the dare cards are getting a little more daring, and the sexual tension between these honeys WILL OUT. So, it's time to grab ass. Pinch some cheek. Squeeze some buns. And feel that fine, firm flesh between your fingers. Mmmm....ass :-)

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls - Getting Ready

What guy wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall when it comes to watching girls get ready for a party? They try on a bra, it doesn't work, they strip down, try on another, run their fingers along their panty seam to see if their figure is tight, apply lipstick, perk up their ass, and generally put the good looks on. It's a ritual for woman and a total turn-on for man. So, now's your chance! Come inside and watch the girls filming girls getting ready in the bathroom. Naked, hot, and putting on eye shadow...that's the name of the game.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Pretty Drunk

With over four hours of filming being done in our Girls Filming Girls 2 video, with Alyssa, Rebecca, Velenah, and Jovanna, the girls were bound to get a little tipsy, and get tipsy they did...tipsy enough to tell all about their intimate sex lives, pull off their clothes, kiss and lick each other, suck off whip cream and wine bottles, and otherwise get wild and crazy and hot...which is what you'll see here, no censor, no restraints. Just sexy girls acting like it.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Rebecca - Team Spirit

New Model! New Model! New Model!

Her name is Rebecca, she's originally from Long Island, NY, but she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling/acting career. And as any of you know who've been watching the Girls Filming Girls 2 videos, she is one fierce, sexy spirit!

I called this first set Team Spirit because Rebecca loves to keep the girls going and moving together. She's a huge gossip, and she loves to dare the girls to get even more naked and reveal even more secrets. So, welcome, Rebecca!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Blindfold Sex Games

Do you like pictures of girls blindfolding each other and playing sex games and asking dirty questions?

Well, I have nothing more to say. Here you go.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming GIrls 2 - Trophy Ass

Much of what our girls have been doing during these sessions has been showing off their bodies. We've seen Jovanna take off her top and show her inverted nipple, we've seen Alyssa's gorgeous round plump breasts in the bath, and we've seen Velenah fully nude in the tub. But now it's time to concentrate on some ass. Some trophy ass. Fine ass. And these girls got it!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Beddy Bye

Finally, the girls have left the living room and crawled into bed together. Who could happen now? Who will get naked first? Who will kiss who? Who's going to show us the most, go the farthest, share the most with our members? You'll have to come inside to find out, but trust me...four hotter girls in bed together you're not likely to find anywhere else on earth...

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls - Shy Velenah

We all know how shy Velenah is, but now you get to really see it, as the bedroom games begin and her dating/sexual life becomes the hot topic of conversation. Wearing a sexy white terry cloth bathrobe and looking as pretty as a princess, she fumbles her way thru embarrassing topics as her scantily clad girlfriends grill her. A real personal treat.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Getting Intimate

Remember when you were young (okay, maybe you're still sorta young) and you sat around with your guy friends and wondered what it must be like to be a fly-on-the-wall at a girls' slumber party? All the cute girls sitting around talking in their pajamas about sex and boyz and love and what they wanted to do and what they'd done? Well, now you can be at that party...

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Mattress Madness

In this video, all the girls have gotten under the covers together, and the gossip flies about different guys they've slept with, what they feel about other women, their first time, their last time,'s babes in bed in our continuing awesome series of girls filming girls series!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Toilet Babes

What is it about girls on the toilet that turns guys on?

Some guys love peeing videos. I can't say I know why, but who am I to judge?

Well, we've got toilet babes, frolicking in the bathroom, getting naked, checking out each other's titties, and basically being hot together...and getting hot together.

If you dig girls in the toilet room, here's your chance, you dirty boy!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Bathrobes and Bikinis

The games are picking up. Crazy shit is happening. The girls are opening up even deeper, and the bathrobes and bikinis are intermingling. Girls are touching each other, and sharing secrets, and playing around in ways they never have.

The girls filming girls saga continues with four of the cutest California honeys you've ever seen...this is reality tv done right!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Rowdy Honeys

Things are getting pretty rowdy in the bedroom now. Jovanna is running around without any clothes on, Velenah is starting to talk a little dirty, Alyssa is letting her panties go up her crack, and Rebecca is egging everyone on as usual. It's like a slumber party for college girls, and you get to be there!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Soapy Sexy

This is a totally awesome photo set. Alyssa and Velenah get in the bath together, fully nude, and soap each other up.

That sounds goooood, right?

Velenah's cocoa brown skin glistensin the sudsy water. Alyssa's pale peach skin shines in the soapy water. And together, they are the perfect dessert.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Howling at the Moon

I call this Howling at the Moon because the girls are getting pretty giggly. Their bathrobes are falling open, they're talking about embarrassing stuff, and they're blushing and acting pretty silly. And Velenah's at the middle of it all. Listen to the way Alyssa teases her...can you hear a hint of curiosity in her what Velenah would "be like"?

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Chillin Chicks

Velenah is in her white bathrobe, Alyssa is in tight bra and panties, and Jovanna is on the bed giving the low-down on some of her past relationships, digging guys deep into the ground for "trying to be her father." This video is like the ultimate dream - being at a slumber party of the four hottest girls in school!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Naked Girls Party

How can you beat having a camera poised on the edge of a bed in which four luscious babes are lounging, in states of various sexy dress and undress, and they're talking about the most intimate things you've ever heard, and they're all so hot you can't stay in your seat? More Girls Filming Girls here, with super sexy Jovanna getting open and honest with her new found friends.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Lovely Alyssa

It's been a while since we posted a GFG2 session. In this one, the adorable Alyssa is featured (Alyssa who, as you can see, is our next new model, appearing next week, in both her own photo and video sessions). Alyssa is a very unique young woman. Charming, humble, smart, beautiful, and very, very real. If you're at all like that too, this is the love of your life.

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Lickety Split

These four gorgeous honeys - Alyssa, Velenah, Jovannah, and Rebecca, are definitely doing some of the most revealing video interviews ever done. You are not going to find girls this hot sitting around talking about stuff this revealing anywhere...and there's nudity to boot! Jovanna takes it ALL off and does some crazy shit...and they're lap dancing for each other, and making out, and sucking bottles, and all the hot truth or dare you can dream of!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Dem Apples

As visions of sugar plums dance thru your head, awaiting the presents under your tree, take a moment and download this video, and see some of our sugar plums...those of Jovanna's perky, round, succulent breasts, which she is flashing here along with the other girls in another Girls Filming Girls 2 video. Happy Xmas Eve, and hope you get lots of presents tomorrow!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Party Hearty

Our Girls Filming Girls series (both 2 and 3) have been some of our most popular over the last 7 months of our inaugural year, so we decided to close with some of our best shots (including the classic of Alyssa and Jovannah in a most arousing lip lock).

Here's to many more Girls Filming Girls (we've got # 1 coming soon, and # 3 is going to get even more explicit...just you wait..)

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - The Guilty Line Up

Here you can see them all - Velenah, Alyssa, Rebecca, Jovannah - they're lined up, and they know your eyes are on them. The games just keep getting crazier, but one thing stays constant - these are four totally awesome babes lookin' as good as it gets. A hot video of group girl love!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Jovanna in Charge

Jovanna has always been the wild girl in this bunch, coaxing Alyssa to take off her top and do a lap dance, getting Velenah down onto the floor for some doggy-style humping, sucking the bottle, pulling down her pants and bending over for all to this video is dedicated to the boss betch on Girls Filming Girls 2...

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Spread Em!

The party continues, and the girls are all talking about their first times. Some with boyfriends, some with one-night stands, it's all good to remember, and the details are as juicy as the event (I can only imagine). Hot babes talking about their first times - now that's sexy shit!

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Gag Me With A Spoon!

You know the phrase, "Gag me with a spoon!" made famous by Frank Zappa's song, "Valley Girl," sung by his daughter, Moon Unit. Well, now you can watch a true valley girl (Jovanna) give a demonstration of gagging with a spoon...

- Daisy

New Video - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Kissy Kissy

Well, it's getting super hot and heavy in this Girls Filming Girls 2 series. Jovanna and Alyssa are kissing, and the other girls are watching and wondering what kind of fun they might be having...super hot babes getting wild and naughty and deep throat tongue massage with each other. This is the shit, dudes!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Girls Filming Girls 2 - Living Room

These are some totally awesome shots of our Girls Filming Girls 2 girls - Alyssa, Jovanna, Velenah, and Rebecca - having a good old time in the living room.

Stripping, kissing, and shooting shaving cream into each other's mouths.

Alyssa is such a sexy pot-bellied creamy girl, no?

- Daisy

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Velenah Topless

Girls Filming Girls
Eat More Belly

Girls Filming Girls
Deep Throat

Girls Filming Girls
Man Beaters

Girls Filming Girls
Pokey Perkies

Girls Filming Girls
Juicy Mouth

Girls Filming Girls
Booty Bump

Girls Filming Girls
Gimme Love

Girls Filming Girls
Kissy Kissy

Girls Filming Girls
Gag Me with a Spoon!

Girls Filming Girls
Spread Em!

Girls Filming Girls
Jovanna in Charge

Girls Filming Girls
The Guilty Line Up

Girls Filming Girls
Dem Apples

Girls Filming Girls
Lickety Split

Girls Filming Girls
Lovely Alyssa

Girls Filming Girls
Naked Girls Party

Girls Filming Girls
Chillin' Chicks

Girls Filming Girls
Titty Lickin' Good

Girls Filming Girls
Down and Dirty

Girls Filming Girls
Lap Dance

Girls Filming Girls
The Shower Trick

Girls Filming Girls
Creamy Cheeks

Girls Filming Girls
Changing Panties