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Dearest Webmasters,

Thanks for checking out the DaisyBeach.com Webmaster Affiliate Program!

We are a super high-converting site that's perfect for any webmaster promoting in the babes, teen, amateurs, girl/girl, outdoors, watersport, beach, bikini, lingerie, and "girls gone wild" niches. We also have some very hot Ebony and Asian models, including early shots of the highly popular Tila Nguyen.

DaisyBeach.com is also an excellent choice for any webmaster looking to promote material that is different from the standard (and all too common) European nude. All our girls and photographers are from California, USA, and our style is very unique and very unlike the softcore "Euro Nude." And all our content is 100% exclusive to our site.

Our affiliate program operates through CCBill. We offer 50% on all sales, as well as 50% on rebills. We provide our affiliates with TONS of promo content. We also send an affiliate newsletter each week containing all new promo material. And for our high sellers, we offer free member access so you can build custom galleries.

After you get your CCBILL number, you will be emailed a link to our promo content page. There you will find:

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Welcome aboard!

Daisy Johannson
Founder, DaisyBeach.com

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